4 Things To Consider Before Going For Bright Colours In Your Space


'4 Things To Consider Before Going For Bright Colours In Your Space

As the warmer weather approaches the world becomes a bit more colourful with flowers blooming, summer fruits colouring your fruit bowl and lighter colours of clothing being worn. The colour spreads into your home through accessories and furniture but one popular trend for this season is colourful Kitchens, Bathrooms and Living spaces through cabinetry. Before you take the plunge and get an out there orange kitchen here are 4 things you should consider.

1. Relevance‚Äč

Trends come and go, there is always something new and modern out there to choose from so when it comes to your cabintry you need to assess you needs. Are you making a long term investment? Do you have the finanical freedom of being able to change with the fashion? What do you want out of your space? You need to ensure that your cabinetry holds relevance. check to see if your idea has been in fashion in the past and see how long that period lasted. If it was a relatively short period you may want to reconsider your decision and perhaps opt for accessories and paint work in bright colours complementing it with timber, white gloss or black gloss cabintry.

Assess your home and maintain a style that is relevant to the house as a whole. If you have one room with a bright blue modern look but the rest of the home has a Victoria feel, perhaps bright colours are not for you. Instead a splash of colour on the walls or bright utensils and accessories are the way to go.

2. Relation to Space

Your room needs to be considered as a whole with every element contributing to the theme and feel. Consider your cabinetry in relation to your space. If you have a small room an overpowering bright cabinet may make your room appear smaller or cluttered with too much going on. A bright look in a small space may even be too overbearing in the space- too bright with little room to add complementing elements.

You also need to consider the shape of your room. Similar to the size, if you have a long room with cabintry along one wall with mounted cabinets there will be too much happening in the one space. Consider your colour pallet in the room. If you need to repaint to match your new look you may have to do a whole house transformation to suit each room.  

3. Existing Furniture

Look around your home for a moment and note the furniture. Your blinds match the rug which complements your couch and coffee table which looks great with the light fixtures that are in every single room which reflects well from the mirror and clock and, well, you get the point. When you change one element of the room, say your television cabinet, your kitchen or your bathroom cabinet it may no longer suit the overall look you have already created for your home. If you choose to make a dramatic change with a bright bold colour being incorporated, you risk jeopardising your look and having to then update your furniture to suit accordingly.

In some cases, an updated bright and bold look for your cabinetry can do wonders for your space without having to change everything. If you have neutral colours in terms of furniture you willbe able to get away with a pop of colour without having to dig deep in your pocket.

4. Lifestyle

Do you have kids? Are you a young couple who enjoy entertaining on a regular basis? Do you have indoor pets? Whatever your situation you need to consider your lifestyle before investing in a bright bold cabinet. If you have kids or a pet a bright colour may not suit due to finger prints and dirt showing up quite easily. If you have exposed sunlight directly on your cabinet without sunblocking blinds, you may risk colour fading on colour timber, so if you like to keep entertain and have the doors and windows open bright timber kitchens may not suit. Opting for gloss instead may be an option. Consider why you want bright cabintry in relation to your lifestyle to see if you have a perfect match.

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