4 Ways to Keep Ants Out of Your Home


'4 Ways to Keep Ants Out of Your Home

Ants are very common in the home in warmer seasons. While we have just hit autumn, the seasons seem to be changing with warm weather still lingering and summer fruits still in season. It is the perfect time to entertain and the perfect time of year for ant invasions. Here are four quick and easy ways to avoid coming into your kitchen in the morning and finding a new family have assembled on your sink.


1. Clean down all surfaces

This may seem like a no brainer but sometimes when we are on the go we may forget to get rid of the excess crumbs from our toast in the morning. With a damp cloth make sure you wipe down all used surfaces after cooking preparation and food consumption. Be sure to finish by wiping it down with a tea towel to avoid sticky surfaces.

2. Don't forget the sink    

Leaving dirty dishes in the sink is a big no no. For starters bacteria feeds off of the plate leftovers which can cause mould and other nasties, plus ants are attracted to any food left out in the open. Your sink is supposed to be a clean sanitary place to wash your hands, dishes and food so aim to keep it that way. Don't leave any standing water in the bottom of the sink or on the surrounding surfaces. Empty the sink properly and wipe down any excess water. Ants love to drink from this water and will find a way into your home to do so. Finally, remove any food scraps from your drain and sink hole. This build up is not good for your plumbing, nor is it good for bateria and ants.

3. Monitor your fruit bowl and don’t leave food out

Leaving food out in the open is a risk in itself with it accessible for ants to eat. Fruit bowls do have a purpose on your bench however ensure you clean your fruit bowl once every couple of days to discard any rotting fruits that will attract pests and make sure there is no mould for hygiene purposes. Old fruit can also leave residue, attracting ants to the sweet sugar. Make sure you wipe down and rinse out your bowl when it is due for a top up.

4. Keep Food in Sealed Containers

By sealed we mean airtight. Ants can find their ways into the smallest holes, including your cupboard. By storing food in an air tight container, your food will stay fresher for longer and ants will not be able to get through.

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