Black Is Back


'Black Is Back

When in doubt, wear black. Black suits every shape, size, age, skin tone and gender. Same goes for kitchens, bathrooms and cabinets.


There is never a time when black is not in fashion for any situation. When you are thinking of renovating or buying a new kitchen, you want to make a lifetime investment. Black will last through any era, any regretful haircut and any changes in your lifestyle. Black in a gloss is timeless-it represents elegance, contemporary lifestyle and sophistication. Finishing your cabinets with sharp, pointed edges adds dimension to the room, and further emphasises the sophistication. Think of it like a jaw line. A strong jaw line gives the face structure and is an attractive feature, often possessed by models in your coffee table magazines. The definition of the angles of your kitchen also give it structure and precision. It has a simplistic beauty that attracts the eye. Black gloss is a stand out feature on it's own. It's called the minimal effect or 'less is more'. The gloss shine offers the illusion that the kitchen is spotless, with it always looking bright, shiny and new- perfect for any household. 

To keep the smooth and sleek look of a gloss black finish, we recommend opting for no handles. Handles draw away from the shine and, therefore, the elegance. Your kitchen already looks finished without the handles and can be overdone, not to mention less compact. At the end of the day, you have to consider optimising your space, minimising your clean and maintaining your lifestyle. If you want your kitchen to look modern and represent contemporary lifestyle, hand over the handles.

Black kitchens also maintain their relevance, regardless of lifestyle and housing trends. Plain black can be styled up or styled down depending on the season and your own personal style. Like the kitchen above, the white with alluminium benchtops and finishings complement the black and change the room dymanic. Light and shade contrast highlights particular elements and brightens the entire room.

Kitchen appliances and accessories are a crucial element to making your kitchen pop. Pops of colour have a significant effect on the overall look. The white fruit bowl with the subtle green from the fruit, though very simple, adds character to the counter below. 


When thinking styling, go bold, bright and eye catching to complement the smooth finish. Whites, greens, yellows, reds, oranges and blues are perfect to showcase the area as a whole. This can be updated as each trend comes along- for now geometrical accessories in bold colours is the way to go. Create your statement!


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