Bliss in a De-Cluttered Kitchen


'Bliss in a De-Cluttered Kitchen

By Elise Purkis- UnKluttered Life

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As a professional organiser and interior designer based in Geelong, living with a 1950’s kitchen with a makeshift solution for a much needed dishwasher certainly made my heart sink just a little bit every morning when I walked into the kitchen to get my early morning coffee kick (no machine coffee in our house, Nescafe Blend 43 all the way).

My 1950’s kitchen wasn’t even kitsch and cute, it was simple, no style and poorly repainted.  One thing I did learn from cooking in a 1950’s kitchen is how little we actually need and how best to store what we did have. 

Today, kitchens are larger and are the hub of the house; the meeting place, the command centre, the heart of a home, where Masterchef champions are born.  However, as kitchens are getting larger we seem to think that all of that storage needs to be filled to the brim, so we buy more; more serving plates, dinner sets used just for good, pressure cookers, Nutribullets and blenders.  Just because the space is available this does not mean the space has to be full, it means it is a perfect opportunity for effective and efficient kitchen management.

With great kitchen design and kitchen accessories such as space saver inserts for cupboards and two tier shelves that pull out, kitchens have never before had the chance to be more organised.  A stack of 8 dinner plates can comfortable sit next to, not underneath 8 desert bowls.  Saucepans no longer need to be stacked, they can sit in a soft close drawer with the matching lid paired with it, and you can even be daring and place the handle of the lid right side up, not upside down to allow for stacking ability.

Oh and then there is this beautiful piece of art called a pantry, oh bliss, how I love an organised pantry.  Whether it be walk-in, pull out or slide across, automatic on/off halogen and LED lights can be included, life changing additions such as pull-out wire baskets, appropriately sized spice racks and trays can be added, tied shelving for storing canned goods and soft close doors so kids don’t slam the doors after they yell out, “Mmmmuuuummm there is nothing to eat!!”.  You want it, Breakwater Kitchens can create it.

However, the key to being organised is to spend the extra few seconds to put something back in the correct location, to only own what you do actually use and to use corner cupboards and pull out stacking systems to hold a small amount of super easy to access items, not to load them up because the space is available.

Enjoy your kitchen; it is where the memories are made.

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