Compact Cupboards- The Ultimate Space Maker


'Compact Cupboards- The Ultimate Space Maker

Close your eyes and think about your DREAM kitchen, bathroom and living space. Are all of the areas big, spacious and well organised? Let's face of it, not all of us have houses with that much space- but there are ways to get your dream kitchen into your home. Entire redesign with compact organised cabinetry can achieve those results! Here are a few tips for storage solutions and optimising your space.

1. Keep It Hidden

We've said it once, we will say it again- less is more! And we don't mean bench space- we mean items on your counter. There are many storage solutions that we offer that allow you to put more in your cupboards without them overflowing. Tuck everything away with only the main, styled accessories and appliances on display. If an appliance does not match your kitchen styling, tuck it away in one of the many cupboards and draws you will have available. Here are a few of the storage solutions we offer.

2. Handling No Handles

No handles are a huge space saver! This only works for certain styles of kitchens, modern as opposed to traditional, but it makes a huge impact. No only do you avoid walking into them (we've all done it), it gives off the illusion that the space is bigger than what it is. Pairing no handles with a gloss finish creates a smooth look that blends into your walls and floors as an outline for the room further highlighting your space.  

3. Don't Desert Island Benches

Island Benches look fantastic in all rooms and allow extra walking space around them without taking away from the room as a whole. They don't just look great, they along hold storage depending on how you structure it. When utilised properly the whole block of an island bench can include organised cupboard space underneath. Check out our 30 year anniversary video for how we did this for a happy customer. Further, island benches can double as a dining room table, with chairs surrounding to connect both dining room and kitchen area of your home and allow storage room around the walls. 

4. The Sky (Roof) Is The Limit 

If you can't build out, built up! Maximise your space by incorporating floating cabinets above your bench or making an entire wall into storage space. You will double your cupboard area and make a statement on your walls. Don't worry, we're not all 6" tall and able to reach the ceiling so space solutions, steps and pull out draws will be your saviour. 

Consider every option to create your dream kitchen.


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