Fresh Take on Display Cabinets


'Fresh Take on Display Cabinets

Display cabinets can amplify a room when done well drawing attention to precious collections, antiques, or cherished pieces. Here are some tips to make sure you make the most out of your selection


1. Don’t overcrowd them

The purpose of a display unit is to showcase items that are sentimental, that are antique, that you love and cherish and want to show off. Space out your items and only select key pieces to show off. If you put too many items in your display unit it will become too overcrowded and items will overlap. This will draw away from the small details and wont have the full desired effect.

2. Select timeless items to showcase

You want your display case to be a show stopper! Select items that grow with you and will never go out of style. Porcelain, silverwear, antiques are often showcased because they age with you and look elegant. Try to select items that are meaningful to ensure you will still like them in 5 to 10 years time.

3. Stick to a theme

No matter what it is you do in life, start with a plan! Apply this method to your display cabinet as well. If it is an existing cabinet select your pieces according to size ratio. If you are building a cabinet around a piece make sure you allow space for the piece and know what structure you want. Have your pieces ready or know what suits your cabinet for future purchases.

If you have odds and sods that you want to showcase, try to pair them by colours, time eras, size and look.

4. Clean and polish frequently

Make sure you clean and polish your display items on a regular basis. Dust does accumulate even in closed cabinets. To make the most of your display clean down once a week and polish any silverware and shine crystal glasses at least once a month.

5.Think shop window/jewellery store window

Shop windows, particular jewellery store display cabinets are the best inspiration for your display cabinet. Every item is important to set a theme and draw attention. Treat your display cabinet like you are selling an item- every piece is important and for sale so you need to showcase it right. That's where spacing comes in. Spacing is so important in your display cabinet to show off particular pieces and set the tone. Again if a cabinet is too overcrowded it draws attention away from the small features the make up the overall look. Keep it simple and your cabinet will really shine.

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