How to Keep your Cabinets Organised with Our Storage Solutions


'How to Keep your Cabinets Organised with Our Storage Solutions

Ah, the perfect showroom cabinet! I want that in my home runs through customers minds when they enter our showroom but when it comes to putting your products away sometimes they don't quite look as organised as they did at the store. At Breakwater Kitchens, we put storage solutions in our cabinetry to ensure that you are making the most of your space.

The Corner Draw

One of the biggest annoyances in cabinetry is trying to get to the dishes stacked at the back of the corner cupboard. These drawers are the perfect solution to bring the dishes to you. Similar to having two shelves, you will have two drawers that extend out to give you optimal use of the space and your time.Alternatively you can have these pull out shelf inserts installed so ou can double the amount of kitchenware you store away, again without the difficulty of unstacking and putting your head in the cabinet to get into the corner.

Permanent Cutlery/Utensil Spacers

Cutley and utensils are generally a hassle to organise. Cutley generally have spacers in the top draw but the second draw for utensils is, 9 times out of 10, a complete disaster. With so many different ladels, wooden spoons, measuring cups and spoons, serving utensils and graters in there everything just becomes a muddle. Our custom spacers allow you to know the exact spots for your utensils and cutley whilst holding a tidy appearance.   

The Pull Out Pantry System

The small gaps between your fridge and the wall or oven, or even the space in behind a door can be utilised to create more cupboard space without the awkward door on a hinge. Our pull out pantries work in a similar way to drawers, sliding out into the space to optimise room.

We also do 

  • Pull out wire baskets
  • Bin systems
  • Spice racks and trays
  • Bottle storage
  • Removable cleaning products storage
  • Integrated ironing boards
  • Pull down overhead storage
  • Soft close drawers and doors
  • Lift up and bi-fold overhead doors
  • Built in halogen and LED lighting

when can be found on our Storage Solutions Page

If you don't have one of our custom cabinets, here are some tips for keeping organisation behind the doors.

The Lazy Susan

This makes life a lot easier particularly with spices and sauces, and even beauty products. With a swivel motion these beauties allow you to reach all comfortably.


Hooks can make all the difference in your home for aprons, oven mits, utensils, coats and your electronic devices. They keep things tidy and allow them to have a permanent space.

Use Containers

Instead of keeping your items in their orignal boxes, use containers, especially in the kitchen to allow for stackable storage. For containers that are not in use, store all containers together with their lids so as not to misplace them.

Colour Coat Your Space

Try to purchase your kitchenware, living ware and bathroomware in the same colour so if it is on display it makes a statement piece. 

Over the Door Organiser

These organisers are like plastic pockets that hang down your door to store all of the little bits and pieces. They are fantastic if you need a little extra space and want to utilise as much room as possible.

Store by Use

Same goes for stacking. If you rarely use an item, put it at the back near the bottom. Whatever you use frequently should be conveniently stored near the front for quick access.

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