Island Benches- Do They Work For Your Kitchen?


'Island Benches- Do They Work For Your Kitchen?

Island benches are not only practical in kicthens but they look fantastic! We are huge fans of a stylish, space saving, sensible island bench. It doesn't matter if your kitchen has a modern or a traditional style- they just work! But there are a couple of things to consider before opting for an island in your kitchen. 

Kitchen Shape

The shape of your kitchen area dictates the layout to an extent. If you have a long and narrow kitchen an island bench will not be suited due tot he space to bench ratio. Know your kitchen measurements and note what you already have in your space. If you have limited bench space and want to expand on that an island bench is an option. You need to ensure that there is walking space, space for your draws to pull out and cupboards to open and make sure it doesn't look awkward. Every angle of your kitchen needs to be taken into consideration. 

Kitchen Space

Are you finding it difficult to have too many people in the kitchen at the one time already? But you require the space to move around a redesign is definitely on the cards and an island bench may or may not be the best match.

Open kitchens that run into another room are often the best setup for island benches as they complete the area. A standard wall kitchen will look empty and is not making the most of the free room. An island bench has the ability to separate the zones whilst balancing the space between both areas.  

Island Benches can either be a space maker or taker in a room. This depends on your kitchen layout and the size and shape. If your kitchen is confined by surrounding walls and has no other layout options a island kitchen may not be optimal for your zone. If you have a connecting dining room with sufficient space an island bench may be well suited. Consider what you already have and what space you have to work with before opting for an island bench. 

Kitchen Style

Style is everything in kitchens! While island benches work with both traditional and modern kitchens an islnad bench may either take away or add to a design element. Consider what is the statement piece or feature in your kitchen and work with it not against it. It may well be that the island bench is the statement with down lights, a floating bench and stools. But if your splashback is the main feature a inappropriately positioned island bench will draw attention away from it. Look at your entire kitchen from a design perspective. Each element makes up the masterpiece.

The below kitchen would not require an island bench unless it was positioned to the side as the incorporated chilli design is the main feature. By putting an island bench in front you would be hiding the statement piece.


Why do you want an island bench? Do you need extra bench space? Do you want more storage room? Will it be doubled as a dining table with stools lining the end? Will you incorporate a sink into island?

These are all things you need to ask yourself before commiting to the idea. You need to know the purpose of the island. If your kitchen doesn't allow for it in terms of space and shape there are other ways to incorporate storage into your home. This can be done through floating wall cabinets utilising the your space vertically. 

Extra bench space is a major reason for an island bench, including an island bench with floating bench top can add a new dynamic to your space. Not only will you be able to freely prepare your cooking without the constraints of a small space but you can double it as a breakfast bench. If it doesn't work in your zone though it may be best to again consider the floating cabinets to maximise both bench spaces and room.


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