Think Bold! How to Make a Statement in Your Home


'Think Bold! How to Make a Statement in Your Home

When you renovate your home or are building you make decisions for your home that will have a lasting relevance. Kitchens and Bathrooms generally have a staying power of 30 years before the owners decide they need an update. Sometimes homes owners change more frequently, sometimes they don't update at all. For the interior gurus that love change, a major trend to consider is going BOLD with your cabinet colours and creating the WOW factor in your space.

We love yellow!! Yellow represents happiness in colour psychology, reflecting the bright sun. Waking up and sighting a bright bold bathroom or kitchen instantaneously will put you in positive mood for the day.

To get this into your home you have multiple options.

1. Coloured Cabinets

You’re the daredevil in the room, taking the risks that will definitely pay off. Everyone will be blown away by the bright, beautiful look in your space. Yellow, red, blue or whatever colour you choose will look fantastic paired with black or white accessories, seating and perhaps even bench top and splashback to make it not too overbearing. This is the biggest statement to have in your kitchen and it will even look good when it’s dirty!  

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2. Coloured Splashback

Not quite brave enough to take the plunge with the cabinetry but still wanting to make a statement? Bold splashback is your perfect match! Whether you have tiles, glass or metal splashback colour can be incorporated. You can go bold with making your entire tile splashback a bright one tonal colour or have a subtle coloured pattern in your tile work. Glass splashbacks look fantastic when they are bold and bright. The added shine of the glass makes the colour pop in the light as does metal splashbacks. If you’re metal has texture and definition to it you will make a significant impact in your kitchen without it being an eyesore.

3. Coloured Accessories

If you’re not so brave, or would prefer a long term solution there are some tricks to incorporate bold looks into your kitchen or bathroom that don’t cost an arm and a leg- it’s all in the accessories! Towels, mirrors, holders, tea towels, canisters, salt and pepper shakes, bowls/plates/cups/mugs, plate settings, utensils, coasters, oven mitts and aprons. You have so many options to add that spark of colour into your kitchen and you will be surprise how much it can transform your overall look. Don’t forget your wall accessories like your clock or hanging shopping board. They have the ability to subtly transform a room from dull to wow. Something as simple as flower arrangements in a bold vase can make all the difference.


The choice is yours if you want to live on the wild side or keep it simple. The question is how brave are you?

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