Tips to Keep Your Sink Shiny and Clean


'Tips to Keep Your Sink Shiny and Clean

A common concern for customers is maintenance with their new bathroom, kitchen and living room cabinetry. How do they keep their cabinetry looking amazing and new over the years to come? What products should they use that won't damage their surfaces? Can you offer any TLC tips? One massive factor is the sink, but don't feel drained with your cleaning- these quick tricks will keep your sinks looking shiny and new!

1. Baking Soda

I've said it once, I will say it again- Baking Soda is the all rounder product you NEED in your pantry. For stainless steel sinks, rinse it with warm water and sprinkle a dash of baking soda over it. Scrub the sink thoroughly with a wet sponge to form a paste or a foam. Ensure you get into all of the nooks and crannies. You will start to notice a difference as you go along. Rinse the paste off and wipe the sink down with a lint free cloth for an extra polished look. Products like Jiff will achieve similar results over time, however baking soda leave a non-greasy finish.

2. Use a Toothbrush

No, not YOUR toothbrush! If you're in need of a new toothbrush, don't throw away your old one. Rinse it in hot water before use to kill all of the germs, or alternatively purchase a new brush for 99c and use it as a scrubbing brush for those hard to reach places, particularly around the drain and tap. Note* do be careful not to drop it down the drain hole when scrubbing away

3. Compost Food Scraps

Too often we see people washing food scraps down their drains and we're hear to tell you to stop! Scrape all of your food scraps from your pastes in the compost and remove any vegetable peelings and food residue. The food can get stuck in the drain and cause clogging and lead to foul odours. There is also a higher chance for grime and germs to build up.

4. Look to Your Pantry

Vinegar, Cream of Tartare and Lemon Juice can be used in place of cleaning products, similar to baking soda. Follow the same cleaning process and you will see your sink sparkling again. Cream of Tartare and Lemon Juice combined can also tackle tough stains including rust. Make a paste out of the two and rub onto the surface. Allow it to sink in and rub it clean. Always remember to rinse and dry the sink after cleaning.

5. Clean After Use

We recommend doing a thorough kitchen and sink clean at least once weekly to maintain the shine and eliminate germs and any contamination. One method of avoiding spots in between the weekly clean is to do a light clean after every use of the sink. Simply wiping down the surfaces with a wet cloth and drying it off with a lint free cloth or hand towel will stop the annoying dry droplets from occuring.


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