What to Display in a Display Cabinet


'What to Display in a Display Cabinet

We've taken the tricky selection process out of deciding what you should put in your display cabinet. Below are 6 suggestions of the type of things you can put in a display cabinet.

1. Glass and China

If this was on Family Feud, Glass and China would be the highest answer on the survey. Glass and China are generally precious pieces that are only used for special occasions- if at all. Putting them on display not only allows people to see their beauty on a regular basis but also allows for protection from getting cracked and chipped in your cupboards.

2. Antiques

Again, display cabinets are fantastic for protecting and preserving special items. Antiques and collectables often have a significant meaning in terms of interest, value (both monetary and sentimental), and history. They are a great ice breaker or talking point in conversation when you are entertaining at home.

3. Souvenirs and Trinkets

Hands up if you have gone on holiday and picked up a snowglobe on your travels and now it is just sitting collecting dust? We are all guilty of collecting souvenirs that are of no use but are a great reminder of memories, people and places. Maybe you have also received a beautiful trinket for a birthday but you have received so many over the years that you don't have enough jewellery to share across them. Display cabinets are perfect!

4. Collectables

This is very similar to that of antiques but they could just be a topic of interest for you. Action figure dolls, toy cars, porcelain dolls, 

5. Trophies and Awards

The show off pieces of course, literally! If you have achieved something significant and been recognised for it why not show it off. Whether it's a sporting trophy or medal or a framed graduation certificate get it out there!

6. Photos

Family photos are always nice to have on display around the house- it seems they were meant for display cabinets! Select your favourites,get them framed and watch as your visitors are drawn to admire how cute they are.


BUT at the end of the day, put whatever you want to have on show in there! As a general rule stick to a theme but if you have an amazing piece you want people to see, by all means, show it off!


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