White Kitchens Meets Messy Me- Will The Couple Last?


'White Kitchens Meets Messy Me- Will The Couple Last?

When you see white kitchens in magazines, on our website and on pinterest boards you fall in love. Why? Because they are bright, shiny, new and, most importantly, typically unused! If you like to get creative in the kitchen seeing it as a canvas for a masterpiece, or you have kids who like to give you a hand with stirring and licking the bowl, don’t be afraid to get messy in your kitchen! Being messy and having a white kitchen can be a match made in heaven with these simple tools.

1. Clean Up Straight Away

Sometimes we get distracted.  Sometimes we take a little longer eating than we thought. Sometimes we just can’t be bothered! So what do we do? We leave the kitchen with the spills and grime to dry and have to work extra hard to remove the stains. One way to avoid this is to clean up as we go. It is all about diligence. Cleaning is one of the last things on the fun list to do, but the reality is, it needs to get done. The longer it stays there, the more arm power you have to put in to clean it. Something’s can’t be cleaned properly either. Drink glasses that leave the circles on the table are one of them when left for a prolonged period of time so use a coaster, particularly on wooden surfaces. 

2. Add a dash of baking soda

Baking soda, vinegar and warm water are a killer combination to keep your whites white. Writer Lorna Hordos suggests giving your surfaces a good clean monthly and alternatively combining warm water and a grease-busting dish soap to make a solution that will eliminate the grease that forms this discolouration. Baking soda is also great for getting rid of nasty odours in your fridge and pantry, keeping your sink shiny, and keeping your silvers sparkling.

3. Invest In Curtains or Blinds

Yellowing of your white cabinetry often comes from sun exposure. Similar to the outside of your house needing a touch up of paint due to fading and peeling, you cabinetry will also fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight. This generally applies to painted timber and laminated surfaces. To ensure you are protecting your kitchen, invest in sun protected curtains, blinds, shutters or draperies. Blinds With An Edge in Geelong are fantastic with their fittings perfect for your space.  

4. Avoid harsh chemicals

Treat your kitchen like you would treat your skin and avoid using harsh chemicals to clean spills and brighten your bench. Some chemicals can actually do further damage to your surfaces than good, or if you have tiles, they can eat at the grout. Not to mention that you are cooking and preparing food on those surfaces, so avoid contamination and permanently damaging your cabinetry.

Note* This also applies for bathrooms and living cabinetry.

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